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This song is by Jennifer Brown and appears on the album Vera (1998).

Have you seen a mother kiss her son goodbye ?
Have you seen a dark cloud fight a silver line ?
I have seen a loved one tell a million lies
Karma's like a boomerang whirling deep inside

May not know a thing about you
You don't know a thing about me
But if we're really free

We're alive
Take a breath, we're alive
Take a deep breath, we're alive

Put me on an airplane, let's fly up to the sky
Help me laugh with angels who just wanna get me high
Let's drive down this highway and leave our fears at home,
And let this twisting, winding road decide which way we go

You don't know a thing about me.
I don't know a thing about you
But let's enjoy the view (let's enjoy the view)

Repeat Chorus

Take a breath, take a deep breath
Take a breath, take a deep breath

Don't take yourself so seriously
Live life for the mystery
Life is for the mystery

We may wear different clothes pray to Gods in different roles
But we're not alone

Repeat Chorus

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