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April Fools Day

This song is by Jellyfish.

april first brings its toll
this is the day
she did not tell the joke
the one day she wished she was joking all along
came to be the day where she said that she knew you were gone

washed away.. mrs. adamases. riggitory screwed it up and came
into the world of plush. ruined utopian dreams surviving on your
exgirlfriend's only desire---which was you.
all she wanted was you.

april fools day rolled in,
you were blown away by the dreadful summer wind.
torn to bits and crashed inside.
so was her heart with that burning desire...which was you.

(you were obsessed
with things out of reach
give it up. you once had the best love)

she will want you forever...oh...yes..she will.
you will not care for her and
she will cry
and try to die..

save her...

i cant save her. so you have to save her..

you are a plane.

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