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Regrets Are Unanswered Dreams

This song is by Jejune and appears on the album This Afternoon's Malady (1998).

You sit alone but never too long you cry your eyes out just like the song
Still the same tune, still the same lie
Just makingsure that it's different this time
Now here you are in the same dress
Spending a;; day dreaming how to impress
I never knew, could never guess
Just can't for once lose a bet
Because I was pinned to the wall when you came down the hall
We sat around not talking much
Vexed by imagining holding your hand
So I plannedand I schemed 'cause regrets are unanswered dreams
So now you have a chance, but not for too long
Lease unrequited what you think is wrong
But as for me, this I'd allow like Beryl Markham my heart knows the now
I'm gonna fall
Think of me, don't turn away
Vicarious one, we can blaze a trail of broken hearts together