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Stand On

This song is by Jehro.

Paint your face, Pretty young Maria, This filthy place, Will seem a little cleaner, Smile on, Smile on, Smile on
A soldier's brave, But pour some more tequila, You're dancing while, We drink away the fear, Dance on, Dance on, Dance on
Desire, We trust you, To keep it alight, Delight us tonight, Delight us tonight
A ghostly boy
A ghostly boy, Drinks huddled in the corner, A face so fresh, They're takin'to the slaughter, Head on, Head on, Head on
You lift his face, And stare into the mirror, Your night's for sale, And now your fate is clear, Dance on, Dance on
Behold, What lights up your eyes, Desire, Though fate may, Have struck off your life, Defy it tonight, Defy it tonight.

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