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When The Earth Moves Again

This song is by Jefferson Airplane and appears on the album Bark (1971) and on the album Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973).

In golden Hannibal Carthage days, marching on to Rome,
Knocking on the door and finding nobody home there.
Rome she cut our armies down and left them in the snow,
So now I go to where I come from,
Now I go home to the sun.

When the earth moves again,
When the earth moves again my friend,
Let the lady ride on through,
When the earth moves again.

Egyptian kings they sing of gods and pyramids of stone,
And they left the deserts clean, and they left the deserts golden,
And shinin' as a beacon for those that need a road.
(I do)
Into the day and through the night,
We go and find our way home.

When the earth moves again,
My love to all the people I leave behind.
Search out the new ground around you,
When the earth moves again.

Your head can pull your body around 'n you can
Leave whenever you can find the ground.
Take what you find on the ground,
Sea foam glass is sand.

If you've only lived on earth (If you haven't lived in heaven),
you've never seen the sun,
Or the promise of a thousand other suns that glow beyond here,
And if you care to see the future, just look into the eyes
Of your young, dancing children;
Don't be afraid of our ways.

When the earth moves again,
When the earth moves again,
Watch the lady ride and sigh,
When the earth moves again.

Moses, Moses, the Red Sea closes
Over you when you least expect it to,
When the earth moves again,
When the earth moves again.

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