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Takes Off (1966)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Takes Off
Takes Off
  1. Blues From An Airplane
  2. Let Me In
  3. Bringing Me Down
  4. It's No Secret
  5. Tobacco Road
  6. Come Up The Years
  7. Run Around
  8. Let's Get Together
  9. Don't Slip Away
  10. Chaffeur Blues
  11. And I Like It
    Bonus tracks on 2003 CD reissue
  12. Runnin' Round This World
  13. High Flying Bird
  14. It's Alright
  15. Go to Her
  16. Let Me In
  17. Run Around (uncensored version)
  18. Chaffeur Blues (alternate version)
  19. And I Like It (alternate version)
  20. Blues From An Airplane (instrumental, hidden track)

Surrealistic Pillow (1967)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow
Surrealistic Pillow
  1. She Has Funny Cars
  2. Somebody To Love
  3. My Best Friend
  4. Today
  5. Comin' Back To Me
  6. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
  7. D.C.B.A.-25
  8. How Do You Feel
  9. Embryonic Journey
  10. White Rabbit
  11. Plastic Fantastic Lover

After Bathing At Baxter's (1967)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - After Bathing at Baxter's
After Bathing at Baxter's
  1. The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil
  2. A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly
  3. Young Girl Sunday Blues
  4. Martha
  5. Wild Tyme (H)
  6. The Last Wall Of The Castle
  7. Rejoyce
  8. Watch Her Ride
  9. Spare Chaynge
  10. Two Heads
  11. Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
Bonus tracks on 2003 reissue
  1. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil (live)
  2. Martha (mono)
  3. Two Heads (alt. version)
  4. Things Are Better in the East (demo)

Crown Of Creation (1968)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation
Crown of Creation
  1. Lather
  2. In Time
  3. Triad
  4. Star Track
  5. Share A Little Joke
  6. Chushingura
  7. If You Feel
  8. Crown Of Creation
  9. Ice Cream Phoenix
  10. Greasy Heart
  11. House At Pooneil Corners

Bless Its Pointed Little Head (1969)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Bless Its Pointed Little Head
Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  1. Clergy
  2. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
  3. Somebody To Love
  4. Fat Angel
  5. Rock Me Baby
  6. The Other Side Of This Life
  7. It's No Secret
  8. Plastic Fantastic Lover
  9. Turn Out The Lights
  10. Bear Melt
    Bonus tracks on CD remaster
  11. Today
  12. Watch Her Ride
  13. Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon

Volunteers (1969)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
  1. We Can Be Together
  2. Good Shepherd
  3. The Farm
  4. Hey Fredrick
  5. Turn My Life Down
  6. Wooden Ships
  7. Eskimo Blue Day
  8. A Song For All Seasons
  9. Meadowlands
  10. Volunteers

Bark (1971)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Bark
  1. When The Earth Moves Again
  2. Feel So Good
  3. Crazy Miranda
  4. Pretty As You Feel
  5. Wild Turkey
  6. Law Man
  7. Rock & Roll Island
  8. Third Week In The Chelsea
  9. Never Argue With A German If You're Tired, Or European Song
  10. Thunk
  11. War Movie

Long John Silver (1972)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Long John Silver
Long John Silver
  1. Long John Silver
  2. Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
  3. Twilight Double Leader
  4. Milk Train
  5. The Son Of Jesus
  6. Easter?
  7. Trial By Fire
  8. Alexander The Medium
  9. Eat Starch Mom

Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
  1. Have You Seen The Saucers?
  2. Feel So Good
  3. Crown Of Creation
  4. When The Earth Moves Again
  5. Milk Train
  6. Trial By Fire
  7. Twilight Double Leader

Early Flight (1974)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Early Flight
Early Flight
  1. High Flyin' Bird
  2. Runnin' Round This World
  3. It's Alright
  4. In the Morning
  5. J.P.P. McStep B. Blues
  6. Go to Her
  7. Up or Down
  8. Mexico
  9. Have You Seen The Saucers?

Jefferson Airplane (1989)Edit

Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane
  1. Planes
  2. Freedom
  3. Solidarity
  4. Madeleine Street
  5. Ice Age
  6. Summer Of Love
  7. The Wheel
  8. Common Market Madrigal
  9. True Love
  10. Upfront Blues
  11. Now Is The Time
  12. Too Many Years
  13. Panda

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