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Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment

This song is by Jeff Rosenstock and appears on the album Worry. (2016).

Someone hung a decorative surfboard up
Where your movies and records belong.
The light makes it nearly impossible
To see if they fixed all the cracks in the wall.

Staring out the window at your old apartment,
Imagining the old you stumbling through
Tacky renovations that the landlord wanted to cash in on the boom.
You don't know where to go now.
You've got nowhere to go now.
I wish you'd come down and meet me here;
I'm gridlocked, I'm not going anywhere.
I've had a bad year.

The city don't care if you live or die.
It's just gonna grow and it doesn't care why
You're tired of kicking and fighting through life
And left me alone on this cold winter night
Just staring out the window at your old apartment...

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