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Free Space

This song is by Jeff Kanterman.

I wait around as the clock passes time,
'Cause the days can't come soon enough.
Six long weeks, I can't take much more.
If I close my eyes, I can't see you.

Look around the room.
Tell me what you see.
If I'm not there with you
Two more days and I'll be.

Another dream puts my thoughts to rest.
I trust the days passing by.
Two more days; i can't wait much more.
All the days I've spent have gone by.

Living away from home I feel out of place.
Making the most of my time will give me my free space.
Spending the time apart has made me sick and worn.
Running around with you has made me feel so torn!


The space behind my bed it hides, you see.
Change the way the picture faces me.
As I pack to leave this shack with gloom,
I'll tell you one last time to dream and...


And I'll be
Ohhh and I'll be
And I'll be
And I'll be...

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