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Seek And Destroy

This song is by Jeff Foxworthy and appears on the album Games Rednecks Play (1995).

There's nothin' like bein in love an' starin' at a big ol' moon.
Hell, when I was in high school, a drive by shooting meant
Somebody had their rear end hangin' outta car window.
Got a few mooners in the croud.
Where ya good?
I was All-State my senior year.
Wasn't moonin a great sport, nobody ever got hurt...
You didn't have to be in shape to play...
Hell, the fatter you where the more ya brought to the window.

Big ol moon, I see you shinin,
Till I surprised you smilin' bright in the afternoon...
Now I know where you've been hidin,
There's nothin' like bein in love,
And starin' at a big ol moon.

We used to play this game called Seek and Destroy.
What we do, we get in my dad's crysler with the Electric windows...
My two best friends: Bomber one, and Bomber two would be in the backseat,
With their pants to their ankles.

Bomber One to Mother Hen, come in Mother Hen.
Go ahead Bomber One.
Ah, yeah, permission to fire on a seventy-seven ford galaxy in the left hand lane.
Permission granted Bomber One, lowering left rear bomb hatch now...

Ah! Perfect hit!
Their in the ditch!
Granny is outta the car, and clutching her chest,
Return to home base.

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