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The Car

This song is by Jeff Carson.

Boy I'd love to have that car,
I whispered to my dad.
I always heard a mustang flies.
We could fix it up, and make it new again
all it needs is just a little time
daddy's hardly ever home, since mama passed away
he's always workin over time
i know that he cannot afford to buy that car
even though, he'd love to make it mine

Its not the car that i'm needin
just the chance to be with him
i know once these days roll past us,
they will never come again.
so little time, we spend way to much apart
there will always be a part of us
together in that car

Finally I let go of that dream,
the time we could have shared.
It was a distant memory,
til last fall a call came
sayin dad was gone
could I come quick, he left a note for me.
Buried Dad right next to Ma
up on Coleys ridge
there I said my last "goodbye"
I opened up the note, and found a set a keys
here's your car son, I hope it flies

Its not the car that you're needin
its the chance to be with you
i hope you'll understand I always did
the best that I could do
so little time, we spent way to much apart
there will always be a part of us....
together in that car