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Not On Your Love

This song is by Jeff Carson.

We both said some things we don't really mean
Sometimes love can be like that
And right now they hurt, but they're only words
There nothin' we can't take back
But every time we don't see eye to eye
You worry i might say goodbye

Not on your love, not in this life
Could i ever leave, i wouldn't think twice
Of letting you go, by now you should know i need you too much
Not on your love, no way in this world
Could i ever live without you girl
When times get tough, i'm not giving up
Not on your love

When we started out we made a vow
Not to sleep 'till we settled the fight
And there have been times we've seen the sun rise
But, it always worked out alright
Even in the darkest hour before dawn
I never thought of moving on

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