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Edna Frau

This song is by Jeff Buckley.

to cross the ocean and to look down
this pipe (?) love is rushing to a city(?) bed
then wires (?) stream into an open (....)
take hold of Jude, she's coming down

i made like i didn't tell you
don't tell it

when will you wash the bodies
two seven numbers (?) with the happy (....)
take a leave and join me on the water's (?) edge
i let you (......) i could assist your death

i made like i didn't tell you
when they call me
i made like i didn't tell you
when they call me

but cry, oh, your life
don't go blind (?)
cry... go blind (?)
to get out

now my sister, you didn't know how
everyone needs (..............)
all my children are acting out
crawling to bed with Edna Frau

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