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Your Lovin' Talks To Me

This song is by Jeff Bates and appears on the album Rainbow Man (2003).

I used to be lost
couldn't find my way
too scared to stand still or run
but I was found when I heard you say
what I needed to hear for so long

your lovin' talks to me
your lovin' walks with me
your eyes are all I see
your sweet words follow me
your lovin' leads the way
it's with me everyday
it gives me all I need
it always comforts me
your lovin' talks to me

the world was silent
witholding words I was desperately needing to hear
echoes of lonely rang on and on
'til you whispered soft in my ear

repeat chorus

even after we make love
and we have drifted off to sleep
evein in my dreams

repeat chorus

your lovin' talks to me

ah,talk to me

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