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My Mississippi

This song is by Jeff Bates and appears on the album Rainbow Man (2003).

i traded a '57 Chevy
for my first guitar
and daddy said i was crazy
cause that was a helluva car
when i played "Love me Tender" on that fender
and the music came pourin' out of my hands and heart
he knew it was worth it and so did i
cause sometimes some things dont have a price

so i learned to play all my heroes' songs
and i finally got ariound to writin' a few of my own
the songs got better i put a band together
and we played our first gig at a little club in McComb
when i walked on stage and opened my mouth
i started to sing and you came pouring out

Ooh ooh Mississippi
you know how hard it was for me to leave
ooh,ooh Mississippi
i miss you i hope you miss me
My Mississippi

so i packed my delta dream
and came to music city
brought a whole lot of me a little Presley and some Twitty
i came here to make it
but if i dont i can take it
just as long i have you with me
i know im gonna be strong enough
cause i've got your mud in my blood

repeat chorus

you know i have four first loves
that car,this guitar,and the girl that broke my heart,and you

repeat chorus

My Mississippi
My Mississippi

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