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Lovin' Like That

This song is by Jeff Bates and appears on the album Rainbow Man (2003).

when I need some kissin'
Some womanly attention
I know exactly right where it's at
She's got a way of losin'
All her inhibitions
A man could get used to Lovin' like that

She turns the lights down
and when we lay down
she holds me close
and she don't hold back
There's nothin' any btter than a woman on a mission
A man could get used to lovin' like that

She puts her arms around me
And I know love has found me
Every day is better than the last
I never doubt how much that woman feels about me
A man could get used to lovin' like that

repeat chorus

She likes to keep me waitin' all day long
And teases right up til she turns me on

repeat chorus

A man could get used to lovin' like that

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