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This song is by Jedi Mind Tricks and appears on the album A History of Violence (2008).

(Zeitgeist the Movie Sample)
Jordan Maxwell:
What we think we understand, where we came from
What we think we're doing
The more you begin to see we've been lied to (lied to, lied to)
By every institution
What makes you think that the religious institution
Is the only one that's never been touched?

(Verse 1: Vinnie Paz)
I am the annihilator put apocalypse on lines of paper
We can go toe to toe and see who's rhyme is greater
I don't think you ever wanna step inside the chamber
I don't think you wanna see inside the eyes of Vader
Couldn't comprehend the force that I bring
I'm like Rocky Marciano when he walk in the ring
A stork in the ring you cowards soundin' soft when you sing
But I'm as angry as a motherfucker caught in the bing
It's awful to bing but I'm a warrior and standin' tall
And I ain't stoppin' like an arab in Isreali war
Y'all some broke motherfuckers you can barely ball
I'm eatin' my fam eatin' cousin we can share it all
Money the root of all evil I don't care at all
Now me and Jus is back together we ain't scared at all
We 'bout to do it all over like it's 99
The puerto rock, the moreno and the itali-an

(Verse 2: Jus Allah)
These are the last days, black plagues, mass graves
Half the slaves, aids, cascades, black parades
Backpack strapped grenades, brazen acts of rage, accolades
May as well have rang the bell at the gates of hell
That's a Dave Chappelle, you must hate yourselves
Chasin' your tails, wastin', debatin' whales
Read your mail, were tracin' your paper trails
I'm incredible, unforgettable, undetectable impeccable, thee inevitable
Unprofessional, unscheduled rebel, disheveled, unsettled, unleveled
You're the friend of a friend, I'm the beginning and end
Model citizen, you just model the trends, you just follow your friends
While my opposite twin, two drops hydrogen one oxygen

(Verse 3: Vinnie Paz)
When I'm rhymin' your jaw drops
Making everyone of your thoughts stop
I'm God while y'all are wrestlin' over pork chops
Devil had y'all thinkin' we was there when that ball dropped
I ain't gonna front I strapped with the doors locked
Now I walk around this motherfucker with 4's, ock
Big enough to put a fuckin' hole in the law, ock
That ain't somethin' that you wanna explore, ock
Unless you want the army come and kick in your door, ock
Unless you wanna end up bloody and wet
Fuck China's government and what they done to Tibet
We from Philly where the sun doesn't set
Where the motherfuckers rob you with a gun to your neck
Where you shook motherfuckers wouldn't come to the vet
Where your Jordan's gettin' "Vicked" when you come on the set
Where corrupt cops plant a fuckin' gun in your vest
Where we retaliate by puttin' fuckin' one in they chest