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This song is by Jebediah and appears on the album Jebediah (2002).

One night to make it up
One night to break it up
One thing that takes me away
One reason to make it ok
I like the things of old
Like a night on sixties soul

One night to make it up
One reason is never enough
There's a way to live
and there's a way of dying

One thing that I can't stand
Another jealous big hair band
One thing that I hate most
Your hurting the ones close oh no

Don't like the way you look
Don't want to read your book
Spat in the hand I shook
Don't want your new hook
There's a way to live
and there's a way of dying out

Contradiction is my name
When I fall down and I get up it both feels the same
When you play thier game
It all feels the same

And the time for choosing's now
What will you do

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