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Then Go Home To Her

This song is by Jeannie Seely and appears on the album The Seely Style (1966).

You take me out in splendor then go home to her
You whisper words so tender then go home to her
Though the things we do are wrong I'm not sure I can go on
How can you leave me here alone then go home to her?

You take me out with all your friends then go home to her
And that's when all the hurt begins, when you're home with her
I must be brave so I won't cry but I think I'll surely die
Every time you say, "That I must go home to her"

You take me home and then you're gone home to her
I'm left to face the night alone while you're home with her
If you never will be free, why must all this torture be?
If you can't always be with me then go home to her

Written by:

Cochran Hank; Seely Jeannie

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