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Deep In My Heart

This song is by Jeanette and appears on the album Delicious (2001).

Deep in my heart in Eden
Deep in my heart was freedom
I rested deep in your arms
Was saved from all misery
But our faith lay in your palms
And you flew away - like a bird

Deep in my heart was sorrow
There would be no tomorrow
You followed me in my dreams
You touched the core of my soul
I was with you, so it seemed
And we flew away - like the birds

Though you have gone away from me
Our love knows no time
Where is the key?
You gave me signs
And one day you and I
Will love again

Deep in my heart is silence
Deep in my heart no voilence
I didn't lose you at all
One day I'll come in your world
You hold me up when I fall
And I'll fly away - like a bird

I'm dreaming deep in your arms
I'm safe from all misery
And my faith lies in my palms
And we fly - like the birds in the sky

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