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Man Without A Face

This song is by Jean Beauvoir and appears on the album Bare To The Bones (2001).

Here's the news, he walked away you let him fall from grace
He saw ripples in the water 'cause someone took his place
Never meant to let you down never thought that you would falter
Kept his head above the ground giving all in every way

In his room he lies awake a million miles away
As he stares out of his window most hours of the day
You had taught him to believe made him feel he was Adonis
Now he feels he's been deceived
He's a man without a face

Dressing like a billion dollars you made yourself at home
Kept a chain around his collar then left him there alone
In the corner of the to well you think he never saw ya'
Put the cuffs on put him down now
He's a man without a face

In the end he walks away just a man without a face
In the end he walks away
He's the man without a face

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