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Keep Falling

This song is by Jazzanova and appears on the album In Between (2002).

Time waits for no one;
Use it wisely, not wastefully.
Live not dangerously or aimlessly,
For if you do you will disgrace your chi,
Living your life with distaste
In the guise of being carefree;
In the name of being free.
Better call that god you believe
To free you from the clutches
Of those who would have you perpetuate
Millennium slavery.

Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down, before you let them dumb you down.

I'll be the crouching tiger, you'll be the hidden dragon and
While you're busy getting your swag on, I'll find you, sneak up behind you,
Fuck you up with my nimble knowledge nunchakus, make you sit down
And learn lifes' lessons, make you work hard to receive your blessings,
And then I'll try to save you from the medias' campaign to massacre your brain
(Make you insane in the membrane).
Feed you armageddon sized portions of disaster and pain, so your strength,
Past, and soul are easier to claim, for perilous gain, there's no one to blame
But yourself for believing their treacherous messages.
We all know how rough it is, we all know how tough it gets,
Especially when you resist.
You resist
You resist

Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down, before you shut down, before you melt down.

I realize sometimes violence is necessary,
Particularly when predatory enemies
Seek to dictate your destiny,
Teach you watered-down history,
Make you blindly lead them to false fate
And to their cesspool for fools and governing ghouls, use your gift of choice,
Listen to your own voice.

I'm proud to MC so allow me to speak 'cause you can see I'm into deep so I need to reach these beats depend on mood set by inner means and I have the tendency to hold the mic so tenderly and every time it enters me it's heaven I see it's got me hoping I'll be the next to seek it...

Make your own choice,
Listen to your own voice.
Proverbs say fear of man causeth snares,
So I'll beware and take care.
I'm not preaching, but like you I'm seeking,
Trying to defeat this thing.
I hear marley speaking, so I help him to sing these songs of freedom, of redemption.

Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down,
Hold on, slow down, don't let them fuck you around. hold on, slow down.

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