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​Saint Anthony

This song is by Jayber Crow and appears on the album Two Short Stories (2009).

Well the Mississippi's mighty wound cut through the city of Minneapolis.
Still saints singing hallelu, the city's staunch and sanctimonious.

O, Saint Paul, sing O, Saint Paul,
You used to be a waterfall.
Eleven thousand years ago,
One hundred seventy-five feet tall.

And the words by which the valley took its shape were made by faith,
A sacrifice of stone, and wat'ry patience of a saint.
Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, Saint Peter set stone at your feet,
Crawling on broken limestone knees toward martyrdom that waits upstream.

Timber, flour, and wool pray that you stay, pray that you stay
Tip their dusty heads beneath your sacred shining spray.
Modern miracles beatify and canonize
But still you turn to run upriver where you're sure to die.

The Eastman tunnel's crumbling
The river's swallowing everything we're throwing in

Army engineers robe you in steel, robe you in stone
Bury you alive beneath the river's bridled flow.
Father Hennepin, have you not seen
Throw your patron saint to find our lost Saint Anthony. (?)