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Freeze and Thaw

This song is by Jayber Crow and appears on the album Two Short Stories (2009).

Burn, O burn, sun bright and low.
Melt, O melt, the ice and snow.
Drip, O drip, let water flow.
Seep, O seep, into the stone.

Fall, O fall, night cold and black
The crystals of the ice intact.
Grow, they grow, to ruin and wrack.
Split, O split, the sidewalk cracks.

Crumble, crumble, the city humbled and falling to its knees
How will it go? It will be slow and carried off piece by piece
By all those summers and all those winters and all that freeze and thaw
All those buildings springing up where in turn they shall fall

We all will fall
We all will fall
We all will fall

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