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This song is by Jay R.

I keep peepin through my rearview
Just so I can see you
Look at what I go through
Just to see those things
So I hit a quick you
See if I can catch you
Baby do your feet hurt
Do you want a ride
Now we can lay the top down
It's getting hot now
You're so fine in that seat looking so brown
In my home why don't you come on in
It's about to go down

I put my gameface on
Just one on one I'll make you jump
Do you like the way that I drive in
You're in my zone I'll take it home
Baby I could put my gameface on
I'm way to fast I break the glass
I put my gameface on
Ok let's run this one on one

Girl your body's so staked
Baby can I bounce that
Like the way you back back
Shake it side to side
You ain't like those hood rats
Baby I don't do that
Won't you put your seat back
Do you wanna ride
We can hit venice
Girl you're glistening
Tell your work and your game
What's your position
Baby listen it's my mission