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The Day God Cried

This song is by Jay Perez and appears on the album No Limits (1996) and on the album Always And Forever (2000).

I see a child out on the sidewalk
A tear in his eyes as he looks at me
Painful sounds from a second floor
Lord please tell me what I don't see

A million miles I've yet to travel
Or is this where you want me to be
I'll hold him tight and rid his sorrow
And do the things you ask of me

I've forgotten things that broke my heart
But this one I can't let go
Has the world really come to this
Does anyone know?

Will this be the day God cried
Is it wrong for you and I to ask why?
Will this be the day God cried
In a childs eyes were sure to see the proof
Of the day God cried

A woman sits in shame and wonder
With fear in her voice she strives to say
The house of thunder is growing stronger
Will I make it just one more day

I see a boy with a man's mind
No fear for lives lost in his game
He runs for God, man and family
Lord please tell me what he blames

Lord my fortune must have been in vain
From it all I've nothing to show
Has the would really come to this
From here where do we go?

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