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All Alone in the End Zone (1976)Edit

Jay Ferguson - All Alone in the End Zone

All Alone in the End Zone

  1. Snakes on the Run
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Medicated Goo
  4. Madam Doktor
  5. All Alone in the End Zone
  6. Cinnamon City
  7. To the Island
  8. Hit & Run
  9. Everybody Goes from Here
  10. Time & Time Again

Thunder Island (1978)Edit

Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island

Thunder Island

  1. Thunder Island
  2. Soulin'
  3. Happy Birthday, Baby
  4. Losing Control
  5. Cozumel
  6. Night Shift
  7. Babylon
  8. Love Is Cold
  9. Happy Too!
  10. Magic Moment

Real Life Ain't This Way (1979)Edit

Jay Ferguson - Real Life Ain't This Way

Real Life Ain't This Way

  1. Shakedown Cruise
  2. No Secrets
  3. Real Life Ain't That Way
  4. Davey
  5. Turn Yourself In
  6. Do It Again
  7. Paying Time
  8. Too Late to Save Your Heart
  9. Let's Spend the Night Together/Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
  10. City of Angels

Terms and Conditions (1980)Edit

Jay Ferguson - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Love at the Red Line
  2. Modern Girl
  3. This Is Your Life (Take a Little, Take a Lot)
  4. The Last Laugh
  5. Missing Persons
  6. You Should Know Better Than That
  7. Local Color
  8. Hard Enough Being a Man
  9. My Baby's Eyes
  10. The Juggler

White Noise (1982)Edit

Jay Ferguson - White Noise

White Noise

  1. White Noise
  2. I'm Down
  3. I Come Alive
  4. Inside Out
  5. Empty Sky
  6. Tonite (Fallin' for Ya)
  7. Baby Come Back
  8. The Heat of the Night
  9. Million $
  10. She's Mine Tonight

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