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On All Fours

This song is by Jay Brannan and appears on the album Goddamned (2008).

Three weeks and counting till he's on his way to France
Not a dime in his pocket, but a ticket in his hand
He's a cynical bastard, but there's hope in his eyes
It's been a ling time comin', spent a long time runnin' from his insides

He tries hard to songwrite his way out of bed
But nothing tastes as clever as it sounds in his head
He wants to get his teeth wet and sink his feet in
He should have billions of dollars, 'cause every asshole's put two cents in

But he writes the songs snad he can say what he wants, yeah,
He can be who he wants to
And they say he's wrong, but they keep tagging along, yeah,
They can leave if they want to
And his way will never meet yours
He's got the world on his back and watch him as he takes it on all fours

9 out of 10 motherfuckers agree
That his fucking foul language is a fucking travesty
But motherfucking fuck is just another fucking word
The idea a word is dirty is to him fucking absurd

And this world will soon be the death of him
And his voice will fade away
And his jeans will be all that is left of him
And they'll wonder if he was okay
And the alkies'll say it was drinkin'
And the preacher will say it was sin
And his mother will say he was thinkin'
Only of himself again
And the gays will say it was straight people
And the straights will say it was aids
And he'll be in line at the gate
People still standing in his way, in his way

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