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Bowlegged & Starving

This song is by Jay Brannan and appears on the album Goddamned (2008).

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The stars are shining so bright
Wait-that's just Manhattan's light
It's been 12 hours since I ate
I think I'm finally losing weight

Mixed up my armor with some knight
Walkin' home wearing his white
I know what you're gonna say
No one could love me this way

I'm bowlegged and starving, but
Walkin' home happy
Let this mark the moment
When I felt freedom ring
I've got my laptop for pleasure
And my guitar for pain
Love's a buried treasure
But I don't need love to feel this way

He said I could spend the night
I said thanks but that's all right
You can paint your number on my face
But I'm not into sleeping at someone else's place

When Brooklyn tossed a bone, it landed in my wishing well
Took the train for hours to this roach motel
Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's hot
Sometimes he loves me, sometimes he loves me not

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