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Watery Grave

This song is by Jay and the Lovebirds and appears on the album Glorious (2009).

I'll call, cry out for help.
Call out in hopes that you'll hear my voice.
And You'll come. You'll come.
To rescue me, to rescue me.
From this watery grave.

I need You now. I'm lost at sea.
Without compass or motivation.
I'm stranded out, out on the water.
And it's so hard to hold on.

With this serious lack of inspiration.

From the moment I reach land.
I'm wanting back my idle hands.
And all too quickly, I'll move in the wrong direction
I'm scared that I will waste away
'Cause I'm not licing for today.
I'm living for the moment, so I'll set sail!
Set sail!

I'll burn my ship
Sp I can't sil home
To the life that I once lived
To everything I've known.
To the habits that I've tried to kick.
Time and time again.
This day I'll take your hand!

And I'll shout, shout out to you!
It's time I took your hand.

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