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Sounds Like Hope

This song is by Jay and the Lovebirds and appears on the album Sounds Like Hope (2007).

Coward save your breath for your words are fragile and cold.
I endured the cross. Rise up and be bold.
You're afraid to face your fears, but with thousands of angels you stand...
Wearing the armour of the almighty God.
What enemy can conquer your hand?

With wispers from heaven my eyes turn their attention.
From the sin that this world has come to love.
Here comes your glory.
Here comes your bride.
Here comes salvation to strip you of your pride.
Here comes power and grace.
And it sounds like hope is rising.
With belief for better days.
So come follow me.
To the land of the rich and the free.
I will guide your steps to victory. And breathe life with every breath.
In Christ your salvation rides.
And in His love, you'll find your resting place.

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