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Last Compromise

This song is by Jay and the Lovebirds and appears on the album Glorious (2009).

I think we all know it's time for a change.
These broken hearts won't stay the same.
'Cause we're ending all this settling
Of feeling, oh so at home!

It's so clear now that we;re not seeing clearly.
Steady hands were wo stationary
What a nerve to throw this away
Like part-time lovers, we're half-hearted.
This is where we stand.
We're nothing more than a kiss, a simple kiss.
So cold, so cold!

We will shake this comfort.
When it's times of love and grace you're searching for.
I'm done with my desires.
I won't compromise grace anymore.
Not anymore...

But God, again... My habits set in. They set in...

Forgive these broken thoughts.
And wash these dirty hands.
Refiner's fire, let your words be my words!

It's all beginning to make sense now.
How we all turned so vulnerable.
Like a sinking ship in a storm, be aour sail!
Stand with me on this, this bit of faith we still have.
And all the fallen sang...

This stubborn heart's needing your residence!

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