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Conscience For Confidence

This song is by Jay and the Lovebirds and appears on the album Glorious (2009).

Your so guilty, it's depressing.
He's crowding your sheets again.
Spread loose across the bedroom floor.
Your conscience held up by cloth.
Reguardless if my pictures line your wall.
It's the fact that you've known this all along.
Held tightly in trouble's hands.
Your so much better than that.

Now is not the time to let down those guards.
In fact hold them up higher than ever before.
Your hurting condition's coming out of submission,
And the only one you have to blame is yourself.

Oh how it's daytime drama,
So boreing like an overplayed song.
I'm not saying I'm perfect.
I just can't stand to watch you fall.

So I'll breathe in, I'll breathe out.
I'm losing hope without a doubt.
As you're trading conscience for confidence.

We wash away, we wash away.
Don't count mistakes.
It's time we drop this game and move forward now.

I'm running out of what to say.
Your story's harder to believe.
Sometimes I swear, I can see right through your words.
I'm running out of sympathy.
Your Sundays best is weakening,
And your so much better.
You're so much better than that!

You're better than that.
Don't count mistakes.
He doesn't count mistakes!

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