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​Jays Rap

This song is by Jay And Silent Bob.

Fuck, fuck, fuck
Motha motha fuck
Motha motha fuck fuck
Motha fuck, motha fuck
Nointch, nointch, nointch

Nointch, nointch, nointch
Smoking weed, smoking wizz
Doing coke, drinking beers
Drinking beers, beers, beers
Rolling fatties, smoking blunts
Who smokes the blunts?
We smoke the blunts
Rolling blunts and smoking'..

Uh, let me get a nickel bag

15 bucks, little man
Put that shit, in my hand
If that money, doesn't show
Then you owe me, owe me, owe.

My Jungle Love o e o e o I think i
Want to know ya know ya,
Yeah what?

What the hell you singin'?

You don't know Jungle Love that
Shit was the maad notes written
By god herself, and handed
Down to the greatest band in
The world; the motha fucken

That shit was gay fucken 80's