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Whateva I Go Through

This song is by Jay-Z.

It's a struggle on da everyday bases
Starin' into space changin from mars to dem everyday places
Wish I could take you on a trip and neva return
Go through da life where cheddar is burned
Some how some way we might see da life we long for
I ain't forget my old neighbors
Use to call mama right when I was hustlin forn of da door
Got a ass whippin and punshed in front da friends right in front da door
Couldn't even eat da farina knock knock dere goes da supina
Got to appear in court brother just caught a case
Come up wit enough money of big brother just got dat place
25 to life all he could do is look at weights
By da time he come home he should have saw like a million chickens
While um dis drug dealin' nigga takin' like 50 whippins
Playin' with raw and planting seeds I can't see grow
Takin' hold of da streets just to understand my outcome
Every day even wit money bars come either um in or um out one
Dis can't be da life I wanted to buy as a kid
Saw da MC's on TV and atheletes da game gettin' paid fo dey gig
Now I would trade dis life fo a set of marbles and two of my buddies
Older sister in my side screamin its just me and my buddie
Makin' friends wit a doll cause mufukas ain't to be trusted
Put my bike outside in da rain hope it don't get stole or get rusty
Sell a few stones on da block hope in my soul I don't get busted

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