Jay-Z:Reasonable Doubt (1996)

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Album by Jay-Z.
  1. Can't Knock the Hustle (featuring Mary J. Blige)
  2. Politics as Usual
  3. Brooklyn's Finest (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.)
  4. Dead Presidents II
  5. Feelin' It (featuring Mecca)
  6. D'Evils
  7. 22 Two's
  8. Can I Live
  9. Ain't No Nigga (featuring Foxy Brown)
  10. Friend or Foe
  11. Coming of Age (featuring Memphis Bleek)
  12. Cashmere Thoughts
  13. Bring It On (featuring Big Jaz and Sauce Money)
  14. Regrets
  15. Can I Live II (featuring Memphis Bleek) (Bonus Track)
  16. Can't Knock the Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix) (International Bonus Track)
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