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In Your Hands

This song is by Javier and appears on the album Javier (2003).

In Your Hands
My life begins and ends
All that I am, I surrender to you
I've never felt so weak and yet so strong
I am home, where I belong
I was afraid, of losing everything
Now I'm amazed, 'cause all I ever wanted
Was to lose, myself in you

In Your Hands
I place my trembling heart
All of my dreams, lead me to you
Now the tears of yesterday are gone
I've let go of holding on

There's a place, where all my journeys end
Where my broken soul can mend
Here I stand, there's nothing in my way
So I put my faith in you
I will give my all to you
My heart has at last learned to dance
In Your Hands

In Your Hands
I know that I am home
And I'll never be alone
All that I am, is in your hands
My life begins and ends

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