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This song is by Jason Mraz and appears on the live album Live at Java Joe's (2001) and on the live album Tonight, Not Again: Jason Mraz Live At The Eagles Ballroom (2004).

Hands in line
Arms close to my side
I'm fighting tides
Of an ocean's undertows
And I figure that i might not make it out
I'm taking empty
But seldom speaking
and a words retreat
Yeah they breathing histories still at ease
into stories untold
And my arms unfold

My hands are high
And I'm holding on
Holding on
And I figured that I
I figured that i just might make it
And I'm waking empty
But seldom sleeping
And the words repeat, breathing histories into stories untold
And I unfold

Quality isn't what you see now
In the corner of your eyes
And don't be surprised
If you here the bells ring as they fall from the skyline
They sound: bong bong bong bong
But ah yeah yeah yeah
Bong bong bong bong but ah yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh I
And in the night I'm always holding up
Holding up holding up
I'm holding up this time
I'm holding up this time
Cause i figure that I
I figure that I just might make it

And I'm waking empty
But seldom sleeping
And the words repeat
Breathing histories and the stories untold
But I unfold

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