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Future Boy (live)

This song is by Jason Mraz.

Well the future boy where are you from
My time machine crashed over yonder
Syphilis is a bitch but contracting HIV is much worse
Why are you pushing info into me
I have no need for it
I'm from the stars

Well I thought you'd like to know your scoop
I'm taking babies back with me, yeah
I'm taking them back home
So they can see there's a much better place

I've got a sister with an open mind
And my friends are all junkies
But there still my friends

Well as long as they don't use monkeys
We enjoy the heat, the stolen days in this winter of thosand three

Well the future boy said I've got friends
But you know sometimes it all depends
On how tall they are, against yourself

Well I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
I am the future boy
Find your way home

Well my friends have all gone and left me
So I decided to come here and see
Myself as a baby
But it looks like I'm stuck here this time
Oh shit
I'm gonna miss my friends
But I know you're still the future boy
Yes I'm still the future boy
I'm gonna build you a time machine to get back home
You're still the future boy
Still the future boy
Still the future boy
Well I'm still the future boy
Oh, this whole damn world is your toy boy
So get back on tour boy
And find your way home

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