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Ballad Of Flo'Z Kid

This song is by Jason Mraz.

Well I'm sittin at the crowded bar
To get a little glimpse of your face
Your profile and your hip style
Your definition
Somethin i don't know all about
So confident in your own space

As you move to look at me
I lose, cause i look away
Cause you could never, ever
Be just plain old lookin at me
So i turn to confirm
That your smile is the same

I can't believe you're lookin at me
I don't dare
To turn around to see
I just have to imagine the you're
Only lookin through me
And suddenly you're
Right here with me

Cause you are this moment yeah
One minute of one hour of one night
You might be the center
Fresh face for my fantasy

You play the perfect part of
Someone who's a part of me
You'd help repeating
The haunting of heart
So perfectly

I can't believe
You're lookin at me, lookin at me
I don't dare to turn around to see
I have to imagine that you're
Only lookin through me
Then suddenly
You're right here with me

Said you're right on
Said you're right on
Said you're right on
Oh i'll go home and cry
Oh i saw heaven
Oh i've seen so many tragedies
Oh lord i'm feeling
Oh lord i said it's real and
Oh i say i'm feelin alright


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