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10,000 Motherfuckers (That'll Do)

This song is by Jason Mraz and appears on the live album Sold Out (In Stereo) (2002) and on the album Selections for Friends (2007).

When I wake up,
And the day begins,
Do I hold my breath,
And count to ten,
Or will it be three,
We'll see,
We'll see,
It depends on which day of the week.

So I sing out,
I sing out loud,
I'm just one tiny mother fucker singing proud,
Singing glory,
Yea, that'll do,
Yea, that'll do.

In the arms,
Of a city,
That holds no trace,
For this friendly face of you and me,
Go make your life,
Not a living,
Singing glory,
Yea, that'll do.

There's things to know,
And so we're told,
But the days,
Keep rolling on so painfully slow,
They say there's ways to grow,
But blow by blow,
Ya see, it all gets lost somewhere,
See, I already forgot.

So sing out loud,
Sing out loud,
You can be another mother fucker singing proud,
Singing glory,
Remind me, glory, glory, glory, hallelu..

We should all keep pretending,
That our dreams are patent pending,
You should see,
Some of the scenes that I've seen,
And I know love,
Cause I've flown above,
And beyond,
But it's still too long of a wait.

So I sing out,
I sing out loud,
We can be 10,000 mother fuckers singing proud,
Sing out glory, glory, glory, glory, hallelu..
Yea, that'll do,
Yea, that'll do.

I'll sing my stories for you,
And you will sing for me, too,
And together,
We can make it through,
They say,
When you sing you're praying twice,
Don't that sound nice,
So, rise up,
Come on, and give it a try.

So sing out,
Sing out loud,
We can be 6 billion mother fuckers singing proud,
Oh, sing it loud,
Sing glory,
Glory, glory, glory,
Hallelu.. Hallelu.. Hallelu..
Hal.. Hal.. Hallelu.. Hallelu.. jah..
Oh, say hallelu.

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