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Road Kill Blues

This song is by Jason Falkner and appears on the album Necessity: The 4-Track Years (2001).

If the old man seems unkind
It's just that mother's lost her mind
When they have a word with you
You're gonna have some work to do

Run boy run
Get your things, get out of there

While your teachers beat your ass
Just for abusing the bathroom pass
She'll be waiting bliss in hand
To introduce you to the man

Go get what
What's rightfully yours, it's rightfully yours

"...Walk up in the church and experience the new birth experience
We were born of water and spirit according to the word of god
('We will be humanly led to a better way')
And according to what Jesus is commanding, praise god
Listen, god wants to make a new creature out of you"

Hungry hunters, road kill blues
Trigger-happy looky-loos
Acting on the lord's command
Familiar with the devil's plan

Run boy run
Take the car, jump a train
'Fore you run out of brain

Written by:

Jason Falkner

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