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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

(I'm not you)
(I'm Not A dum one)
(I'm not a silly one)
(I'm not you)

I today did well
On sticking up for myself
I wasn't complaing about doing my work
This time oh
Why can't everyone just keep there nasty comments to there selves
(I'm not a silly one)
(Know I'm not dum eaither)
(I'm not from now on gonna listen to you)
Cause there's no way I can forgive you)

Why can't everyone keep there nasty comments to there selves
I just thought that I could win and they could lose
Stop all the hurting and move on forget school life
Forget what they done that they'll wish they never done
Oh I'm not you I don't buy friends) I hope not any way
I don't try anything to do with trying to be cool)

Everyone I am with all day
Is a pain to me
I feel so week when I'm there
Ooh it's like I'm half scared half strong
You know there'll be days they talk to me
There will be days I don't get hurt at all)

If you're my friend you should be surpporting me
Instead of just sitting there and not caring and thinking I'm glad that's not me
Stop all the fighting trying to win instead of losing
I stop feeling sorry for myself
Ooh Ooh they can never change
Nothing in my imagine can find thoes kids my friend
Ooh yeah

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