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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

Am I little freak
Have I got habbits
I can't get out oh so yes
It's so diffecult
What's going on inside my mind
I play games with people
I try to get notice
I try to be the best
I think I'm so good
This habbit is making me lose friends
It's like I chose to be diffacult
People say there's no chance left in the end

I want to make ti all up
Let me give in to the things that make me this way
Oh can't figure out what
I have no words against you
I just have a promise
I am not the best no more
If I was they would say
Oh I'm no perfect
I'm just lost spolt and a little too I want girl

Oh I don't like to be diffuclut
I just want to get out of the diffcult feeling
I can't stop theses habbits
Am I crazy
Am I gonna be okay
Trying to fight them

Don't chose to be diffuclut
Don't try to be perfeect
Stop trying to change your inside
Don't watch too many TV shows
That makes you think weirdly
Life on television is all fake
I so know
I'm just being silly
I don't think before I say
This is like the end for me

I am no perfect
I don't like to be so diffcult
What's going on inside my mind
People say I need help

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