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This Is Me

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

this is me

you said to me
you'll stand by me each day
you say this is me
but each other day i chance
isn't that right
babe i can tell you i always try my best
i never judge other people
cause this is me

i do whatever i chose
babe please understand
please believe in me
do you know that i try everyday ?
cause this is me
this is who i am babe

i love life because whatever i like doing
i am good at babe this is me what i get is amazing
what i learn is wonderful exspenceing
oh babe this is me ( let me do what i chose
dont go being overprotected cause i'm just me
let me learn more about myself babe

this is me you know that
you know all i wish is to a have a friend who'll stand by my side everyday
babe babe everyday seems like eachother day
i'm growing up
n i'm loving it i am younge but i also learn alot from that to oo

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