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Theses Days

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

I say that I am okay
Means go away
I'm all right don't worry
Please it gets worried myself
My strength just doesn't work so well

The days this year have flew
I hardly enjoy much theses days
Wish I could feel something inside strong
I am in love I am not saying who with

The tears that come down my face
Are no different to no tears
I am always strange
I walk in the class room
Feel who am I who is this walking in
The tears make me face weekness I feel so lost
I don't know who to talk tooo
Theses days I am a boring person

My inside is week
But it's so wondeful loving
I am a caring person
Just always hard
Theses day I believe life is short
I just need a friend that understands
Me I wish my life wasn't so diffcult
If things change I'd be a different person

My friends they don't hear what I say
I never listen 'cause I have no interests
Why is this happening to me
At ssuch a young age
I am so uncreative theses days
Theses days I believe have flewen away
It's nearly the end of the year
Oh there's gonna be a big change
I feel it telling me

People say I am stroong
They say I can change
They say I can just be easy
They say I can talk to them
Only if I think before I say Oh

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