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That Girl

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

that girl iknow she'll be loved
i can tell by her look
my eyes don't know everything
but just to let you know
that girl iknow she'll be loved
no doubt about that

my honey explain to me
who you are
tell me she'll be loved
no problem

that girl she's most popula
that girl knows everything
that girl dosen't bother with people
who are not them selves
that girl i think 'll be friends with

that girl what does she think she is
a beautiful king or something
my whole body
feels kind of ew around that girl
my life myworld
my friends can-not believe
that girl
who does she thik she is
superlady or something
that girl
who is she?

who is that girl

that girl
that girl
that girl

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