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Take Me Away

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

Take me away from this moment
Let me see the real you
I have goodness in me
I have so many butterflies in my tummy
Oh wish it goes
Take me away
From this moment

Take me away from this moment)
(We seeem to have growen up)
We seem to notice changes)
We seem to love the same thing)
I only except you in my life
(No one can take you're place for me)
Just you I went to this shop
In sydney
And I saw you and I met my true love)
I saw you there
Waitin for me
I went to this beach in sydney found you
There all again
I met you twice
Then the next day
I went to thee bridge
And there I saw you
You're all over the place you make me special
You're like my life and i;'m like ur life
True! ooh

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