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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

Some people I know
Don't understand
Sometimes it's hard to forgive
Sometimes I wish I was a butterfly
Some unknowen reason it's confussing

If my life keeps on changing
In the end I wouldn't know what to do
'Cause I'm that kind of person
Sometimes when I laugh I cry
It's a emotion I can't explain
When I smile I feel special

Some unknowen reason I like to be diffuclut
Sometimes things for me never work out
Like the way I except them too
Some people I know don't understand
Some people I know they don't say
Or judge at all ooh

Sometimes when I'm alone
I like to let myself remember good times
Sometimes I feel left out
Sometimes I can't stop my emotions

I never get what I see
I only get what I see at home
When I laugh I cry
When I smile I feel special
When I make a joke I feel the best ever

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