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Runnning Away

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

So the little girl inside
Was true you said to me
You promise me
That you'll always love
Then now you turn away

I want you to be my first
There's no going back to the beginning
And trying to run away
Cause that's not the right thing to do
Oh all I am is just a normal girl
Why can't you stand around me
What's going on inside you're mind

There's alot we can disguise
And there's alot we can be apart of
There's not many things we can
Do if we are away from eachother
Oh it's not right to me
Seems like you don't like me
Seems you're scared to be with me

Oh I just don't know any more
What's keeping you away from me
What's the thing iinside that's making you week
Is it me oh cannot know *** ooh yeah
All I am is me
Please believe it's true
I'm just a girl
Nobody can renew me
So please keep out of my way

Ooh you're my true love
Can never forget
What we had together
There's no way I can live without you
Please stop running away
And leaving me to deal with on my own
I can be strong without you only if you never came into my life
Yeah running away isn't the answer to make things better
Between our lives oh can't see without you
Nobody can renew me so please stay

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