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Please Forgive My Misunderstanding)

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

can you forgive my misunderstanding?
( will you talk to me after i beg you?
life is not a while it's such a big long while
you got time to think don't you
can you forgive my misunderstand?
if you do i can do better next time

do you forgive my misunderstanding?
life is not a while it's such a big long while!
you live till your 80 or mabe even 100
i hope i live for thousands of years
please forgive my misunderstanding?
i hope that you keep my trust i gavve you...
can you forgive my misunderstanding?
( misunderstanding) (misunderstanding)
ohhh do you forgive my misunderstand?
oh i can do better next time
i have my hands full of trust
and my whole inside is dust!
oh forgive my misunderstand?
( there's alot on my plat)
there's so much to forget)
in life you must never ever run away
from me without saying you forgive my misunderstanding!
it wont last forever theres thousands of lives
in this world that live and die
some lives have such interesting storys
some lives a terriable
please forgive my misunderstand!

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